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Manassas, VA - Based Custom Gun & Firearms Builder



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Custom Guns & Accessories Made To Your Specifications

Home Security Arms in Manassas, VA is a custom firearms builder creating custom AR-15's, built-to-order rifles, and custom gun accessories. With over 20 years of gun-making expertise, we go step-by-step to create the gun you are looking for. In addition, we have an inventory of custom-built, unique firearms for sale. 

There are many purchases you will make in your lifetime. But when it comes to something as important as a firearm - something that can protect your loved ones - it needs to be just right. There is no room for fault or error in the security or protection of a customized firearm.

When you turn to us for your firearm needs, you will find nothing short of high quality parts that lead to a superior finished product. Guns and accessories are too important to settle for anything less than the best - from Home Security Arms.



From Firearms to Receivers to Engraving, We Do it All in House.

Custom Firearms

Your guns and firearms are an expression of you - stand out from the crowd with a unique, custom designed firearm from Home Security Arms of Manassas, Virginia. 

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Image by Timothy Dykes

Custom Firearm Accessories

Home Security Arms prides itself on providing our customers and firearms enthusiasts with personalized aftermarket firearm accessories and parts that provide both flair and tactical advantage. 

Firearms Engraving & Cerakoting

Stay compliant and add that personal touch with our specialty firearms engraving and cerakoting services. We'll add a unique look or design element to your firearms with our engraving tools or dip your firearm to get the pattern of your choice. 



A unique approach to custom gun-smithing

Custom guns, firearms and accessories is what we know. Trust the pros at Home Security Arms for a large selection of custom-made rifles, AR-15's, pistols, accessories and more.

Benefits of Owning a Custom Firearm

Are you on the fence about whether or not you should invest in a custom firearm - or just buy a regular, mass produced one? Then Home Security Arms has a few things you should know, such as the advantages that come with owning a custom firearm. You'll find a few below.

Build to Fit. You want to build your gun to fit your needs, preferences, and feel. In other words, when you hold the grip, it needs to fit your hand, it needs to feel right. There are many different customizations that can be done to create exactly what you are looking for.

High Performance. When you make this investment, you have a voice in choosing how your gun is created. You may choose a specific trigger, for example. And you build it based on how you want it to perform. With each customization, it can get better and better.

Customize the Look. You can create your firearm to make it unique. Why not have it match your personality? Investing in a customized firearm means being able to have one that is designed for perfection - in functionality and aesthetics.

Custom firearms are quite different than any other - you won't be disappointed.

  • Will my custom gun have serial numbers?
    Yes, any custom firearm ordered from Home Security Arms will come with a serial number. Serial numbers are assigned by manufacturers of the lower receiver and are registered with the ATF. This is the same process for any firearm that is manufactured in the United States.
  • What are the benefits of Cerakote?
    Cerakote is a thin ceramic coating that protects the gun by improving its wear and tear over time. In addition, it can come in various colors and designs to give your firearm a unique, personalized, and enhanced experience.
  • What if I am not sure what I want?
    It is ok to know that you want a custom firearm without truly knowing how you want it customized. Our experienced team of custom firearms builders work with our clients to understand their goals, how they will use their firearms, and provide guidance on how best to customize their firearms to suit their needs.
  • How much will my custom firearm cost?
    Our custom firearm builds are very affordable with base price configurations starting at $699 with a quick turn around. Home Security Arms' goal is to provide you with a custom firearm that includes many extra features for around the same price as the big national custom builders. We strive to provide value to our customers by supplying better parts and more features than our competitors. Contact us today for a custom quote.
  • Can I purchase your firearms and accessories online?
    Yes, absolutely. For your convenience, you can access our online store at And, if you don’t see something you are looking for, reach out to us.

We're skilled professionals and this is what we do. So, whether you are new to the world of firearms or you are a seasoned shooter looking to create something to meet your preferences, personalty, and need for performance - we are here for you every step along the way. Our knowledgeable staff will help guide you with your customizations and answer any questions you may have. 


When you are ready to get started, contact us at (571) 296-5060.

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