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About Our Custom Guns

Chris Burnett,  Founder of Home Security Arms,  started the company in June of 2020 when he was laid off from selling software to the military.  He had sold software for 28 years, and it provided well for his family.  While he enjoyed it, he had always wanted to control my own destiny. A lightbulb went off...


Redefining Custom Firearms & Gunsmithing

 Faced with a Global Pandemic, and a shortage of cash, Chris decided to turn his hobby into a business.  He had been working with guns since living on a boat in 1999.  He quickly took up building and modifying AR-15’s and appreciating the historic aspects of the weapons.  After building (and sometimes selling) a few dozen that he enjoyed myself, he recognized the business opportunity with a few of his veteran friends.  While Chris has looked back a couple of times, Home Security Arms has proven to be a real business as they approach their first million in sales.  They are excited to branch out into handguns, shotguns, AK-47’s and even some vintage weapons.  Their core business will always be around custom weapons, and accessories, but the future is bright, and they look forward to working with all you.


Chris Burnett | Owner

Our Journey So Far


Chris Burnett finds his love for firearms.


Chris takes his passion for firearms and creates his first cutom piece.

Engineer Fixing Machine
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