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Custom Gun Engraving & Cerakote in VA

At Home Security Arms in Manassas, VA, custom firearm engraving and cerakote are a specialty. Our unique design and attention to detail will help your gun or firearm stand out beautifully and effectively. 


  • We provide skilled custom engraving on rifles, pistols, shotguns and everything in between

  • ​We offer professional Cerakote finish for a unique look that’s also durable and corrosion resistant

What is Cerakote?

Home Security Arms provides its gun enthusiast customers with gun dipping and Cerakote finishes for rifles and other firearms here in Virginia.


Cerakote is a thin film with a ceramic base. It is extremely durable and corrosion resistant, and can be applied in a variety of styles and colors. Once coated, your gun will withstand the test of time.


Cerakote finishes can be successfully applied to wood, metal, and plastic. A thorough cleaning job comes first to clean and polish the surface of your gun, and then finish it, using our coating finish. 

How Will Cerakote Look Once Applied?

Once applied, Cerakote will enhance the overall appearance and radiance of your firearm, and help to avoid and prevent corrosion. In short, the coating will allow you to increase functional life and eliminate oxidation.


Along with preserving the look of your firearm, cerakote prevents the metal from scraping off, also enhancing the long-lasting attractiveness of your gun.


Why Choose Cerakote Coating?

There are many reasons to use cerakote. These include:


  • A smooth look with an excellent finish than enhances aesthetics

  • Extending the lifespan of your firearm, securing it from wear and tear

  • Protecting form hard abrasions

  • Improved durability and handling


Cerakote doesn’t wear off easily, and presents and protects water and other liquid damages, acting as an effective lubricant, and protecting your firearm’s surface from oxidation.

How is Cerakote Applied?

A professional application of cerakote is basically simple. First, the weapon is disassembled, sandblasted, and cleaned, then it is painted and baked. Cerakote itself is incredibly thin despite its extremely protective capabilities.

Ready to Learn More About Cerakote?

If you’d like more information about cerakote, or if you’re ready to get started on an attractive, protective Cerakote finish, reach out to us today. We’re ready to get started! And we have a huge selection of custom rifles, accessories and more, all available for you on our pages.    

Give us a call if you have any questions at all! We're happy to walk you through the build process of your custom rifle or accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cerakote offer reliable protection from rust for a long time?

Cerakote is a corrosion-resistant paint that will make the surface of your firearm more durable, as well as protecting from rust, debris, liquid damages, and more. You can avoid oxidation with an application of Cerakote indefinitely, and it’s essential when it comes to keeping liquids off your gun's surface and preventing the development of rust.


Does Cerakote reduce component temperatures?

Cerakote acts as an effective thermal barrier, reducing surface temperatures. Along with coating firearms, it is often used for manufacturing equipment and high-speed auto components for this reason. Because of this, cerakote will enhance performance as well as providing increased protection.

Just how thin is Cerakote?

Cerakote is very thin indeed, at 0.5 – 1.0 ml. The thin nature of this protective and aesthetically pleasing coating not only enhances and smooths material appearance, but assists with superior physical performance overtime. If you use your firearm daily, it will face various scratches and abrasions. But, coating with cerakote, forms an all-important thin protective layer that helps prevent corrosion as well as chemical resistance.


Cerakote Finishing for Guns from Home Security Arms in Manassas, Virginia.

Custom Gun Cerakote Finishes in Virginia

Home Security Arms provides is gun enthusiast customers with gun dipping and Cerakote finishes for rifles and other firearms in Virginia.

Image by steve woods
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