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Sunday Thoughts From a Gun Enthusiast

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Custom blue rifle with black scope

I'm sitting here on a Sunday morning and there are a million things that I should be doing. Let's go shooting first. I need to list, I need to build, prove, order, cut cases, receive, my mind goes blurry. Let's go shoot. I need to work on my classic car, I need to pull weeds, and plan dinner for the wife. That settles it, we're going shooting. Why? Because I can get my head together on the range, I can clear my mind of all the minutia that makes me crazy.

When I get on that range, with a new rifle, it's only me and the gun. Don't talk to me. I don't even like to take the shooting notes (I'm the worst at it, but its a job requirement for me). I'm putting lead downrange, the way that my grandpa did. The way that makes my skills stronger giving myself more confidence that I can take care of my family in a crisis, that I can put food on the table, and I can enjoy my 2nd Amendment rights.

I'm not in anyone's face about these things, just as I don't want anyone in mine. So what's my tool of the morning? Wow, look at that. It's a light sucking black Aero Precision 308 with an 18" barrel. First things first, let's take the covers off that Osprey 8-32x56mm scope. You can read about it more here:

My favorite daytime scope because it has bright optics. I can really get in there with the 32x zoom compliments this rifle. If you've read our ads before, you know how much I harp on good triggers, grips and stocks. If you are taking a long range shot, be it, 100 yards or 700 yards, if you aren't comfortable with the rifle, you're not going to hit your target.

So to start with, we use the Rise Armament 3.5lb drop in trigger. See those screw heads on the side? Those put a grip on the trigger, so there's no way that pin can roll. You get a cleaner shot that way. The grip and stock were made by Magpul for a bit of a difference on this gun. When you loosen the allen bolts that hold the stock on, you slide it out to where it feels good for you. Then you tighten them down, so they never more again. This certainly isn't the kit that you buy from PSA, or a rifle that you might try to get from Aero. This is a custom build.....and a pretty sweet one. What's that at the end? Is that a compensator? You can shoot this guy all day without sacrificing your shoulder.

It makes you smile when you see it, it's prettier in person, it makes you smile when you shoot it, and it makes you smile when you hit the target. Remember all that crap that was bothering me at the beginning of this? Neither do I. Let's go shooting.

All of our rifles are shot 6 times to prove that they work. We want it to last a lifetime by the time that it gets to you, so each and every one is proven. If you can't legally own the rifle in your state, please don't bid on it. Legal transfers to an FFL only. This gun is not CA Compliant, but I can make it compliant for an additional $175.00. If you live in NY or NJ and need to be state compliant, let's talk. If you have questions please ask, I like talking to gun people and I don't always cover everything in my descriptions. We discuss custom orders and multiple rifle deals over email. One last word here. We just crossed $1/2 Million in sales for the year. We do our best to take care of our customers, and we are not doing this as our hobby.

We plan to be here to support you. Good Bidding. - Chris

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