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How Much Is A Custom Built AR-15?

AR-15s are making their way into everyday conversations and are quickly becoming America’s favorite rifle. And why not? They are easy to shoot, affordable, and lightweight. Not to mention that they can be customized to meet personal shooting styles and needs, too.

If you have decided that an AR-15 may be your next rifle purchase, then it is important to remember that buying a rifle is a personal decision. This is why it only makes sense that a custom-built option would be the way to go.

But, how much does a custom-built AR-15 cost? Generally, base price configurations start at about $699. Any additional costs will be determined by the specific enhancements or additions you select.

Parts You Need for a Custom Built AR-15

Putting together your custom-built AR-15 requires a few different component parts. Some of these parts are basic, mandatory pieces of the machine whereas others can be customized to meet your needs. The main parts, more specifically, are the barrel, front sight, hand guard, upper receiver, trigger, safety, lower receiver, and stock.

Here are a few additional parts to consider in your customizations:

  • An enhanced trigger

  • A precision handguard

  • Muzzle brakes

  • Compensators

  • Charging handle

  • Chambers

  • Gas blocks

  • Suppressors

Keep in mind that there are many options for custom building an AR-15 so this list is just an overview.

Many people have decided to put these rifles together themselves. However, there are many intricate parts that work together - and special tools are needed to ensure it operates smoothly. When you are talking about something as potentially life-saving as an AR-15 rifle, it is best to leave the customized build to the professionals.

Is a Custom-Built AR-15 Worth the Cost?

When it comes to building your AR-15, you have a say on the components that make up the finished weapon. While choosing the most economic parts will ensure that you will have created something more affordable, piecing together your AR-15 using specifically chosen components can also allow you to have a rifle that comes with some perks, including:

  • A more affordable cost

  • Have control over your own component parts

  • Easier to manage and successfully use when it is built just for you

  • A higher quality weapon

The confidence you will have when holding and firing a custom-built AR-15 is a great perk, too.

So, is it worth the cost? If you are looking for something that handles just the way you want it to, then yes - it is absolutely worth the cost.

Custom Built AR-15s in Virginia

If you are interested in firearms and gun accessories, including custom-built AR-15s, you can’t just turn to anyone. You need experience, precision, and dedication that you can trust. And that’s what you will find with the experts at Home Security Arms.

While the cost of the customization may vary, the ability to utilize your weapon designed with you in mind is something that will be unmatched by any other mass-produced option. If you are looking for a custom-built AR-15 in Virginia - or anywhere throughout the U.S. - contact us today at 571-296-5060.

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